Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Dear, I'm worried

Oh I think Freud would have a field day. First you have your Super Bowl ad that was very phallic in nature with the second head (a common euphemisms for this member) grows out of a man’s back from a long stem.
Now has a head appear in a woman’s beehive. A face bracketed by hair all around…No one else is saying it, but I’m just saying. This is the female equivalent of the first commercial; in more than just a gender targeted way.

The fact they chose to have the face in the beehive instead of coming out of her back like the first commercial is proof enough to me that this was intentional. If not the creative director needs to get to therapy ASAP, their subconscious is on overdrive. 

I guess time will tell if this subtle, sort of subtle, sexual reference will translate into sales. I mean, these ads could easily be tweaked to be Viagra commercials.

If only time would provide me with the answer to why mannequins have nipples. I’ve always presumed it was to create a sexual appeal in order to increase clothing sales. I just would like some confirmation. It’s hard living in a world without answers.  

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  1. Touche! I haven't seen these ads yet on tv but they creep me out