Friday, 6 April 2012

Real Housewives of Vancouver: First Impressions

While I missed the premiere of Real Housewives of Vancouver but at 4:00 am yesterday I sat down to watch the 2 hour special. You can watch it too on Their bios are also available.

LR: Christina, Reiko, Jody, Mary and Ronnie.

Here are my first impressions:
First, I would like to say that I am jealous of these women’s wealth and bodies. For the most part these women all have way better bodies than me. I would like that disclaimer on the table before I start.

The most glaring issue for me is Jody. Normally, I would love a character like Jody. She is self made, opinionated and not afraid to say it how it is. However, there is a line to between being honest and being detrimental.

While I think her conversations have been clipped to make her into a more polarizing character than she would otherwise be, I think there is a certain amount of true crassness. At one point in the première she calls one housewife, Mary, out for having an affair.

To be fair Mary was dating the guy first. The guy cheated on her started dating the girl he cheated with and now Mary is still sleeping with him being the other woman. Jody proceeds to tell Mary that she has poor morals, she needs to dump this guy and that she should go to therapy. Most of which sounds rather legitimate in writing but watching the whole scene play out there was a serious attack on Mary.

While I, having a friend in a very similar situation, not too long ago have also said similar things about situations like this. The problem with this whole scene is the viewer doesn’t know the kind of relationship that Mary and Jody had prior to this whole conversation. As such, the comments make it seem like Jody is out of line. Even without context, Jody is out of line, but sometime to put it in vulgar terms is the only way to get something to resonate.  

Jody also proceeds to attack Christina, who I am not sure if I enjoy, relentlessly. It is obvious from Jody’s over-accessorizing, comments about the ‘too skinny’ nature of her friend and one model, and her general attitude that Jody is self conscious about her weight. I think that is what fuels her hate of Christina, who has made her money through two divorces. Christina therefore has proven her beauty where Jody feels that her ticket to self worth is in her business success. Bottom line: is I hope Jody is quick to suggest Christina and Mary go to therapy because she has made progress in therapy herself. Because I think Jody needs to closely examine herself with professional help.

The other cast member I must call out is Ronnie. I think there is something serious amuck with Ronnie. While she isn’t the easy villain like Jody, there is certainly an undercurrent of Machiavellian. Any 50 year old who is best friends with her gorgeous 20 year old niece, is someone to worry about.

Side note: Paige, who’s hair is that long? If your hair is that long you better be in porn or a mermaid cause that is ridiculous!

Ronnie seems to have a preoccupation with appearance. And while her gifts to Christina are funny, (The gifts were a shirt that reads: Golddigger, like a hooker but smarter. And a Fortune 500 magazine where Christina can look for husband number 3), there is a slight malice. Ronnie strikes me as the girl who always has little ways to make sure her friends know she is better than they are.

I think most females have a friend who seems to be more competitive than supportive and Ronnie is that girl. In some ways I like people like Jody much more.

Overall, I don’t know if I will be adding this series to my must watch list. I currently recommend RH of Beverly Hills, Atlanta, New Jersey and Orange County. Miami and New York just don’t float my boat.


  1. Yes, my hair absolutely is naturally that long. I love it, and take good care of it. Not sure what mermaids and porn stars have to do with natural long hair? Interested to hear what you think the correlation is.
    Can't say I would automatically assume a woman with really long hair was paid for sex on film, nor a mythical water creature.

  2. Hmm...Well that's certainly interesting assuming you are the Paige in question. Paige I apologize if I offended you the entire post is petty and born out of sheer boredom. I think by my pro-women rights posts you can tell that I obviously have no grounded reason for making that comment and did it strictly for entertainment value. Although I question why a girl as gorgeous as you would waste time trolling blogs for negative criticism as such I must conclude that this is merely a joke.