Monday, 9 April 2012

Who is your favourite RHOV?

Vote here. Looks like Mary is in the lead with 49%. And Jody is in dead last with 3%. I think she could be well on her way to being the most hated housewife in the franchise history...If I recall the runners for the title were Danielle Staub, Jill Zarin, and Michaele Salahi.

Danielle Staub, once a Real Housewife of New Jersey is now a contestant on Famous Food. She is known for having a criminal record, being a stripper and the one who got Teresa Giudice so angry she flipped that table. The table flip seen around the world.

Jill Zarin, owner of Zarin Fabrics and former best friend to Bethenny Frankel. While Jill claims to have "made" Bethenny, ironically Bethenny is probably more well known than Jill. Bethenny now has her own spin-off show, a line of alcoholic drinks, and was recently on the cover of Forbes magazine. I think the public turned on Jill around the time she turned on Bethenny. But I personally don't think she belongs on the list.

And Michaele Salahi is the famous White House party crasher. She was dating the guitarist from Journey for awhile. But I resent the idea of evening googling her to find out what has happened with that.