Monday, 19 March 2012

Porn Star stands up for Female Rights

This video was created in honour of Equal Pay Day in Belgium where the wage gap is 22%. Ie. A man earns 22% more than a woman in Belgium. Sasha Grey, happily, glumly suggests porn to any woman looking to out-earn a man.

According to Adfreak, women are encourage to get temporary tramp stamps that read “Close the wage gap, become a porn actress." 

I understand wearing low cut shirts in Boobquake (a movement to prove an Islamic preacher that a woman’s sexuality does not in fact cause natural disasters) and the skanky attire for the Slut Walks (a reaction to the Torontonian cop telling female student if they want to avoid rape they shouldn’t dress like a slut). 

However, I don’t see how an underlining and amplifying our sexuality is appropriate in this setting. In a male dominated workforce the tramp stamp will only hurt your creditability.

The Sexless Origins of Kellogg's Corn Flakes

Now I’ve heard plenty of stories on how products got created over the years. But Kellogg’s Corn Flakes sanatorium origins are certainly something. They were invented when two doctors tried to reduce the patient’s sex drive.

Take a listen. This radio segment for CBC radio, also talks about the origins of the Popsicle, Viagra and Playdo (But anyone who has watched How Do You Know has heard that story). 

From listening to CBC radio today, I also learned that when male fruit flies can't mate they are more likely to eat alcohol soaked food.