Sunday, 4 March 2012

20 million Net Worth and a Criminal Record

Slice bragged about the RHOV's cast all having a minimum 20 million net worth. But they forgot to mention the criminal past. Described as a quiet venture capitalist Reiko's husband proves it’s always the quiet ones, allegedly.

The past of Reiko MacKenzie’s husband makes Danielle Staub (former New Jersey Housewife now featured in Famous Foods) look good. Or might. He was acquitted from the murders of Jim and Ron Dosanjh. Not sure on what grounds. This article goes into detail about the case and her husband's criminal past.

 If memory serves Danielle Staub was charged with kidnapping and assault. She was also a stripper. Although, a lot of these housewives used to be strippers…Or playmates… So really who cares about that?

Speaking of Housewives, watch the SNL Real Housewives of Disney skit. (Watch full episode). If you don’t want to watch the full episode (And you are Canadian) I recommend downloading a hot spot blocker and then using hulu. If you are American just use Hulu

Cinderella is very Kim Richards. And the Kelsey Grammer reference makes Belle, Camille Grammer. Although the lack of singing ability could point to Kim Zolciak or Countess LuAnn. 

People named LuAnn just shouldn’t become Countesses. Money can’t buy you class Luann, but a name change might help you seem more classy.


  1. Gah I want to watch that Disney thing! I have no idea how to do a hot spot blocker though :P I'll have to get Tom to figure it out for me lol!

  2. The hot spot blocker is confusing I downloaded it and I couldn`t firgure out how to turn it on. I`m hoping it will let me view the American Netflix libary too. I think thats pròbably how your friend Shane did it.

    My one friend recently introduced me to it. The problem is it slows down loading the page cause it routes your IP address through an American one.