Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lamp Post

If I wasn't addicted, I am now! But seriously, McCafe Mocha, it's kinda a big deal.

Quick Response on Condoms

Quick Response on Condoms sounds useful. However, not when it is refering to scanning a Quick Response code on a condom. 

Now I have seen some awesome applications of QR codes. Like Heineken at a music festival. While this is innovative I question this campaign. In fact, I have more questions than I can vocalize type.

Planned Parenthood is attempting to convince Americans that safe sex is happening all over the US, mostly the southern part of Canada and one person in Queretaro, Mexico. 

55,000 condoms were distributed in Washington State all with QR codes on them. Before you get busy, they want you to scan the QR code and clock in your location so that teenagers and young adults around the world know they are not alone in their desire to avoid children and Chlamydia. See the website the QR codes lead to.

The current metrics of this campaign are: the site has had 65,000 visitors and 4,500 check-ins. The metric I am most curious about is the conversion rate, what percentage of the 4,500 actually have sex after they took the time to scan the QR code? (Oh, marketing jokes).

The Huffington Post has pointed a fundamental error with this campaign. 70% of condoms are bought by women. While 60% of all QR codes are scanned by men. 

I question the last stat because Adweek reported that women’s magazines were the biggest users of QR codes. The article doesn’t actually say the women are using the QR codes so I suppose these two “facts” aren’t in conflict. If they are both true maybe Planned Parenthood and women magazines need to question their tactics.

Up date: CEO of Planned Parenthood was arrested for exposing himself (according to CHCH news). I hate that this will be used as ammo to continue branding birth control users as unethical, horrible humans. And Sir Richard’s Slut campaign was starting to fight back…

Not sure I believe that slut can be appropriated and made into an empowered term. In fact, I’m strongly opposed. But the ‘Slut Walk’ was a good movement.   

Good Christian Bitches

Now I was rather disappointed with the GCB (Good Christian Bitches) premiere too. I had super high expectations for the following reasons:

1) Kristin Chenoweth, she is amazing. She played the original Glinda in one of the best musicals of all time Wicked. So when I saw she was part of this series I squealed and proceeded to sing “I’m going to make you Pop-u-lar” 

2) The trailer made me think of the Real Housewives series.

I have decided to give the show a second try, as sensational as the plot was it couldn’t rival the cattiness I have grown to love on the Real Housewives.

HOWEVER, it appear that many women were offend by the title Good Christian Bitches as they believe it was some type of oxymoron instead of an archetype commonly found it literature.

Christian publisher Tessie DeVore commented to Fox News "I find the title offensive. I don’t think those two words should be combined," DeVore said. "A show like this can damage perceptions [of Christians in this country].". Fox News being the perfect outlet for such opinions. Which apparently many religious groups share.

As such Kraft has pulled their ads for Philadelphia Cream Cheese from this show. To be fair Kraft has released the following statement:

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Want to go to Toronto Fashion Week?

 Click this link.

No it’s not a contest. It’s a link to Maybelline's Youtube channel, they will be streaming Toronto Fashion Week. While you're there you can get beauty and fashion tips. This is a good way to leverage the sponsorship into actual sales.

It will be interesting to see how MasterCard (the title sponsor) gets sales from this. I guess they are creating the brand identity of fashion forward and edgy. Maybe fashion fanatics will remember MasterCard supports Fashion Week when choosing a credit card. Although I doubt it.

The sponsorship is def. a better fit for Maybelline.

Uni-brow Candy.


These latest commercials from Skittles are shocking…For lack of a better word. While they may not be sexually explicit they are just as gross as the unauthorized Skittles commercials created by The Brothers.

Check them out:

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

More Dictator Anyone?

This is the newest print campaign for Amnesty International “a global movement of 3 million people committed to defending those who are denied justice or freedom”. 

This cake is an image of Fidel Castro, if you didn’t realize. To be honest I almost didn’t recognize him, it was the hat that caught my attention. This is an interesting visual way to get the viewers attention. I feel like the image makes the act of overthrowing a dictator seem more carefree and effortless than the current events in Syria would suggest. 

From the visual and caption “50 years together with you cutting down the voice of oppression” it is clear Amnesty International wants the viewer to realize they “just celebrated their birthday”. I understand the “birthday celebration”-esque campaigns for products like Oreos but the schema is too jovial for a charity as somber as Amnesty International. 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

20 million Net Worth and a Criminal Record

Slice bragged about the RHOV's cast all having a minimum 20 million net worth. But they forgot to mention the criminal past. Described as a quiet venture capitalist Reiko's husband proves it’s always the quiet ones, allegedly.

The past of Reiko MacKenzie’s husband makes Danielle Staub (former New Jersey Housewife now featured in Famous Foods) look good. Or might. He was acquitted from the murders of Jim and Ron Dosanjh. Not sure on what grounds. This article goes into detail about the case and her husband's criminal past.

 If memory serves Danielle Staub was charged with kidnapping and assault. She was also a stripper. Although, a lot of these housewives used to be strippers…Or playmates… So really who cares about that?

Speaking of Housewives, watch the SNL Real Housewives of Disney skit. (Watch full episode). If you don’t want to watch the full episode (And you are Canadian) I recommend downloading a hot spot blocker and then using hulu. If you are American just use Hulu

Cinderella is very Kim Richards. And the Kelsey Grammer reference makes Belle, Camille Grammer. Although the lack of singing ability could point to Kim Zolciak or Countess LuAnn. 

People named LuAnn just shouldn’t become Countesses. Money can’t buy you class Luann, but a name change might help you seem more classy.

Charlie Sheen

This is what I wanted from the Super Bowl some good ol' Charlie Sheen commercials! Guess they were waiting for the Oscars to remind us of the incident all over again.


The Fiat Abarth commercial is awesome. Nevermind Charlie Sheen was never actually under house arrest. Now Barbie, JLo and Charlie Sheen drive Fiats I don't know how I could not purchase one!