Saturday, 4 February 2012

Faces on Food

So I have a hard time eating meat when I think back to the time when it wasn’t cubbed or sliced, you know back when it had a face. I spend a lot of my time suppressing those thoughts because frankly I love me some roast beef. But much to my cringe there has been a string of commercials that continues to put a face on my food. 

Exhibit 1:  
Considered one of the best commercials of 2011 by Adweek is this commercial by Chipotle Cultivate Foundation hopes to promote their foundation which advocates for producing meat without exploiting farmers, animals or the environment. Underneath the gorgeous soundtrack of Willie Nelson singing the Scientist and the animation that makes me think of FisherPrice toys, the origins of my prepackaged, cubed, sterile looking meat is undeniable. This commercial is very effective because it tones down the scary and distributing elements and makes the harsh realities of the food industry easier to face. Yet face them we must. (I swear there was no pun intended)