Saturday, 25 February 2012

Beyond Excited! Sliced Bread, What?

It has finally happened: The Real Housewives of Vancouver! I am beyond obsessed with RH craze, because less face it Jersey Shore maybe on par in the train wreck and drama department (though not this season) but some of these ladies also know how to dress. 

I could watch the RHOBH (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) just for the fashion alone. Than you throw in the Chip and Dale dancers, the affairs of Eddie Cibrian and Kelsey Grammer, the “million dollar” wedding and the insanity that is Kim Richards and you have me watch five hours straight.  

I mean without the Real Housewives craze I would never imagined threatening to flip a table when enraged. And now I know throwing drinks in people’s faces is socially acceptable. These series have really done a lot of good for the world.

Slice is still teasing us with who will be the RH of Vancouver as seen by the trailer below and their Facebook picture that is slowly filling in to reveal the identity of the cast.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Zombies have to wash clothes too!

Now I have heard of tailoring your commercial to your demographic and to a certain extent to the interest of the channel. That is why you will see more online investing tools on the business channel than you thought humanly possible.

Certainly, Good Year and Chrysler made their commercial’s tailored to the Super Bowl. Good Year talked about using their tire technology to make a football and the amazing gripping power. I lost them on how it related back to the tire though. Chrysler had Clint Eastwood say “This is halftime.” during the first halftime commercial of the Super Bowl. But these are multi-million dollar commercials.

Yet Woolite has made an amazing commercial that I have only seen on the Space channel. The t.v. channel that plays shows like True Blood, Being Human and many horror movies. This commercial was so in line with the Space channel’s programming it caused me to pause. Check it out:


Tourism Ad Channels Graffti Artist Banksy

Draftco New York's newest ad campaign promoting Jamaica certainly channels Graffiti artist Banksy. The idea is very similar to Banksy’s work on the Palestine-Israeli border.

 Left: Marketing Campaign, Right: Banksy