Thursday, 1 March 2012

Unrequited Love

Well this is awkward…

I absolutely love Banksy’s work and apparently he has nothing but distaste for my breed (Marketers). I guess it was pretty obvious a guy like Banksy who tags pre-existing ads to make their message subversive would feel that way.

Here is an example of his work on a billboard in Califorina.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Microsoft Innovates the Grocery Cart

From your living room to the grocery store Microsoft Kinect has made your shopping experience more efficient and effective. This shopping cart can read your shopping list off your loyalty card, indicate if you have picked the wrong pasta, and charge your purchase to your bank account. 

No more checkout lines with 15 people waiting, cranky tellers, or the person searching for exact change.This new shopping cart is being tested by Whole Foods grocery stores. Hopefully they implement this program. Maybe Microsoft can gain back some lost stock price.

Real Housewives of Vancouver Revealed

Learn more about these women.

After Heather Dubrow, from Real Housewives of Orange County, called herself an actress I imbd-ed her to verify the claim. Assuming you would want to see if Mary Zilba was a good pop star I have provided a link to her ‘Seduction’ music video. The music was okay, she certainly is a better singer than Countess LuAnn, RH of New York.

Overall, I’m rather underwhelmed by this cast. Hopefully drama ensues quickly.  

 According to Slice all these women have a starting net worth of 20 million. Considering the study published in the Globe and Mail about the rich being more unethical, there should be some bad behavior. *Fingers crossed*

QR Codes as ice breakers

I have been involved in sponsorships and this is the most innovative engagement idea I have ever seen. It doesn’t shock me Heineken is always on the forefront of technological innovations. From the video it seems like Leo Burnett (Poland), the marketing company responsible, got the response they wanted.

Adweek has made me question the whole QR code fad for several reasons:
-the amount of smart phone users
-the fact you sometimes have to download a special program to get the QR code to link
-and the lower engagement results. In June only 14 million people in the US scanned QR codes which is only 6.2% of the mobile phone population.

Regardless this fits with Heineken’s ‘Open Your World’ message, previous tech-savvy campaigns and is generally and utterly awesome!  

Monday, 27 February 2012

Miracle Whip defending Oscar Nominees

Who needs anti-bullying legislation when you have Miracle Whip on patrol? 
Last night during the Oscars, Miracle Whip played the commercial above. Meanwhile on twitter the brand looked for anyone who was tweeting mean comments about the people attending and tweeted the haters back with the hashtag “2quick2judge”. Here is an examples of a conversation as collected by Agency Spy:

'The Dictator' Domineering and Demanding our Attention

Let’s talk about The Dictator staring Sacha Baron Cohen.

I hated Borat, I was annoyed by the stupidity. But watching 'The Dictator' is starting to seem like a good idea. Sacha Baron Cohen who plays Admiral General Aladeen in 'The Dictator' has done a great job exploiting world events to promote this film. 

The first of which was when the real life dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, died Sacha Baron Cohen released this press statement: