Sunday, 5 February 2012

Apple's Old Ads Inspiration for Rivals

There is no question Apple is an amazing brand, but watch the Business News Network for a day and someone will point out they used to be David and are now Goliath. It used to be Apple was the struggle brand trying to beat IBM with their campaign “Think Different” that slapped the Apple logo on iconic people like John Lennon. Yet now it seems using Apple products isn't that different. Or at least that is what marketers are trying to tell us.

No one can forget the Mac vs. PC commercials---but just in case. (I could only find the whole collection so hope you have some time to burn):

Now Samsung is using this strategy to fight back in their commercial that links Apple to the Hipster. You know the loafer wearing, fedora toting, scarf as an appendage, knitted hat as hair Hipster. (I actually kind of love the look--minus the hats--- but it’s too hard not to mock).  This commercial really questions if iPhones are cool. Does it do enough to shake the strong brand associations Apple has created? No. But as iPhones, iPods and Macs become more and more common place how long will Apple items be cool? Like the Mac vs. PC ads Samsung plays on the brand personalities their respective companies created and the result is amazing. Check out the Samsung commercial:

Then of course you have the famous 1984 based commercials. The first from Apple which they launched so many Super Bowls ago attacking IBM. And more recently Motorola Xoom Tablet powered by Google referencing the same brainless obedience and the fear of the big technology company. Except in Google’s ad Apple is Big Brother. See them compared below:


Motorola Xoom Tablet, powered by Google:

It seems the marketing formula Apple has created that launched an underdog to top dog now serves as a road map for their challengers.      

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  1. I definitely noticed the fact that Samsung seems to be targeting Apple but I didn't even connect that to Apple's old strategy back in the day! It's crazy how far Apple has come since the 80s! Great observation! This only makes me more curious to see what the future holds for technology companies, especially now that Steve Jobs is gone