Sunday, 5 February 2012

Book Trailers

I recently joined a book online community for RazOrbilt (which is the teen lit part of Penguin Publishing). I have always been a big reader but I did not understand the nuisances of the literary world. One of my more shocking discoveries was something called a Book Trailer. Similar to a movie trailer but for books. Just recently I have seen two spilt second book trailer ads in Canada, but a month ago I had only seen these online. Now the book bloggers will argue for the Book Trailers but I question the use of them. For the most part, those who are already interested in the book will go looking for these trailers. As most people type the author or book's name into youtube to see the trailer.  So the commercial is taking the consumer from Interest even Desire to Action in the AIDA cycle. Where most commercials start at the Attention stage. My point being these people who watch these trailers are already way more likely to buy the book as they have specifically sought out these trailers, as such I question the real merit and return on investment. Essentially Book Trailers are preaching to the choir. Plus in all the Young Adult Book Trailers is an epidemic of guy liner! The video on the side is a montage of different books, check it out!


  1. As a book blogger I'm going to argue with you on this one lol! While yes, the first person to view the book trailer may have searched for it in youtube, and therefore be more likely to have purchased the book in the first place, the fact that they often share these book trailers on their blogs or through their twitter accounts causes people who may not have originally been interested to view them. I never go searching for book trailers, book trailers always find me. For example, someone posted a book trailer for a book called Matched, which I had never heard of and wasn't interested in buying at all, but I decided to hit play and watch it anyways. This is often the case for most people I would assume. While I don't believe that the quality of book trailers are always the best, I don't think you can necessarily assume that these trailers are a bad marketing choice because people aren't going to look for them unless they are already looking forward to the book. Anyways, I guess the end of my rant is to say that in the case where I watched the Matched trailer I actually was motivated to go out and read this book that I had not previously considered picking up before.

  2. LMAO. I knew you would argue. Yeah I'm not saying its bad marketing. I'm simply saying it might not give you the best bang for your buck compared to other methods.