Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Breast Cancer Screening

I have realized I have neglected print ads in this blog and I have decided to remedy this. I’m the girl in the doctor’s office who reads all the pamphlets. That’s how I know I may need to consider going to AA because I answered yes to 3 out of the 12 questions. To be fair the one answer was a “once” not a “yes”.

I even read a pamphlet on breast feeding. However, I am never impressed with what I read, it’s always rather technical and the visuals are lacking. (Yes even in the breast feeding pamphlet, boys). But during my last visit I saw this pamphlet and loved the visual so I decided to share. The bigger polka dot on the bra jumped out at me and cut through my perceptual barrier. This is an extremely clever visual when coupled with the tagline communicates the point of the entire 8 page pamphlet in one image. If you can't see under the image the line that follows is "It's never this obvious".

I would be remiss to not mention John St.’s amazing video when talking about promoting breast cancer screening.  John St. is marketing firm that has brought you advertising like “Man at Home in his Underwear” and The Wiserhood commercials. All three of these are worth checking out. And its important to check your own breasts for any abnormality regularly.

See there’s an app for that!

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  1. My roomate showed me the Rethink Breast Cancer ad and I thought it was amazing! Although the ending where they dance around in their underwear was slightly disturbing, its a humorous video that keeps the viewers attention and gets the point across!