Tuesday, 7 February 2012

You Know You’re a Marketing Major When…

This video is called: Sh*t Nobody Says About Advertising. Turns out, I say a lot of it.

1)      “I’m thirsty, cause of all that great product placement”, I paraphrased this line while watching American Idol, “All the product placement makes me want a Coke”.

2)      “That was a really great pun”. Check! Along with “Wow, I love the metaphor” and “that character was really relatable I connected with the ad”.  

3)      “I hate that beer ads don’t even try to objectify women”. I haven't said this. However, one of the people commenting on last nights commercials for Adweek said something along these lines. Apparently they were disappointed Bud Light did not objectify women this year. The approximately six advertisements that featured girls in bikinis were not enough…

4)      And really?! “Any of you guys want to start a flash mob?”. I don’t care where your career or education has taken you, this should be a question you ask at least twice in your life. I don’t know about you, but after seeing that one news report I expect my proposal to have a flash mob sequence.  And a Tiffanys ring, but that was a given. (Sort of joking--It is important to have dreams).

5)      “I wonder what’s new in my spam folder”…Yep I’m guilty of that one.

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  1. AHAHAH! Funny thing is I've witnessed you saying quite a few of these things! I've def heard you say #1 on at least three different occasions lol!