Wednesday, 15 February 2012


The creators of this video, not affiliated with Skittles, the Cousins have brought you another masterpiece?  video. The one above got 7 million views and now their newest video may top it. This new video features the couple from the original video entering a new stage in their life: Parenthood. Check it out. (Warning it is actually more distributing than the Skittles commercial).

Agency Spy reports the success of the Skittles video was due the unexpected nature of the video. The follow up has a lot of unexpected elements. The woman birthing a giant candy, the umbilical cord spewing Reese’s Pieces, the appearance of a want-to-be Jersey-Shore cast mate.

While I think the unauthorized Skittles video actually benefited Skittles cause it was at least in the same vein as past advertising, (Do we all remember when Granny flashed that kid in one Skittles commercial?). The first video by the Cousins, would help get Skittles into people’s consideration set when choosing a sweet treat (oh yeah, pun intended).

However, this new video turns me off Reese’s Pieces. I don't want to think about labour or afterbirth when eating Reese's Pieces, the semantic node of Reese's Pieces has been negatively affected.

Its super gross on so many levels: the umbilical cord, the thought of pushing something that big through your vagina and this woman’s terrible taste in men. I honestly don’t know which one is worst.

This will test the old adage “No advertising is bad advertising.”.

Musing: Can you call it advertising if they didn’t pay for it?


  1. I never saw the first Skittles commercial! That's hilarious lol! I totally agree though...I can see how the first ad could benefit skittles...but the second one did sort of gross me out. At the same time I'm really craving Reeses Pieces right now which makes me slightly disturbed at myself.

  2. I guess it worked. Sometimes the way people react to commercials surprise me. Apparently more people have considered buying a Ford from the Chevy Super Bowel ad than the Chevy Sliverado, even though they make fun of Ford users in the commercial.