Monday, 13 February 2012

"Don't be that Guy"

When looking for another campaign I stumbled upon these crime prevention posters. They were launched in May 2011 and have got a lot of press coverage in Canada. While its not super current I think its a good message so here they are.

I think these ads are brilliant. First, the taglines are extremely impactful and really drives the point home. Second, the visuals cut through people's perceptual barrier and grab the viewer's attention. I also believe that by targeting men this reduces the chances of sexual assault. A lot of guys think if they are drunk too then it’s okay. This ad causes men to think about their actions and the morality of it. I'm willing to bet most men, in the heat of the moment, don't think they are taking advantage of anyone. 

There is also a message for women here the images show how alcohol can make you vulnerable. Traditional sexual assault campaigns encourage women to act carefully but this visual really communicates the dangers of too much alcohol without being preachy. 

Fulfilled my civic duty for today.

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