Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sometimes I wish I was American...

Because they get giant Kraft Dinner Noodle Statues! Canada always gets shafted when it comes to cool marketing! But then I remember Rick Santorum could be president soon and I feel better about my lack of KD installations.

CP + B the marketing agency responsible for this statue just took over the Canadian Zig marketing agency, so hopefully we can see some noodles on Parliament Hill, At the CN Tower and whatever is iconic in Vancouver. 
Can we please have the point of the CN tower impaling a giant Kraft Dinner noodle?


  1. Lol I really hope you are being sarcastic with this one...I feel like there is definitely a hint of sarcasm in there somewhere...because I think this is so hideous!! But then again I really hate Kraft Dinner (surprising I know since I'm a starving grad think KD would be my best friend!)

  2. Well I ate KD for lunch today. I know its hideous but that's what I love...Sorry to disappoint.