Tuesday, 6 March 2012

More Dictator Anyone?

This is the newest print campaign for Amnesty International “a global movement of 3 million people committed to defending those who are denied justice or freedom”. 

This cake is an image of Fidel Castro, if you didn’t realize. To be honest I almost didn’t recognize him, it was the hat that caught my attention. This is an interesting visual way to get the viewers attention. I feel like the image makes the act of overthrowing a dictator seem more carefree and effortless than the current events in Syria would suggest. 

From the visual and caption “50 years together with you cutting down the voice of oppression” it is clear Amnesty International wants the viewer to realize they “just celebrated their birthday”. I understand the “birthday celebration”-esque campaigns for products like Oreos but the schema is too jovial for a charity as somber as Amnesty International. 
 I suggest some sort of visual timeline of dictators throughout the years. Although, I’m not sure an ad like that would have caught my attention. The problem with implementing a birthday schema is it undermines the need for donations as it makes light of dictatorships.

You can also enjoy a piece of Alexander Lukashenko’s Belarus’s president. (I’m not current on my Eastern European politics so I had to google him). At least his cake really looked like him. 

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