Monday, 27 February 2012

'The Dictator' Domineering and Demanding our Attention

Let’s talk about The Dictator staring Sacha Baron Cohen.

I hated Borat, I was annoyed by the stupidity. But watching 'The Dictator' is starting to seem like a good idea. Sacha Baron Cohen who plays Admiral General Aladeen in 'The Dictator' has done a great job exploiting world events to promote this film. 

The first of which was when the real life dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, died Sacha Baron Cohen released this press statement: 


I am saddened to learn of the passing of my dear friend Kim Jong-Il. Our thoughts go out to his wife and 813 children. 'K-Jo' was a great leader, good friend and average double's badminton partner. He died as he lived, in 3-inch lifts. An extraordinary man, he did so much to spread compassion, wisdom and uranium throughout the world.

On behalf of myself, Ahmadinejad, Chavez and Newt Gingrinch, we would like to welcome his son, Kin Jong Un into the 'Axis of Evil'"

Amazingly in between the media coverage that focused on the destabilization of geopolitics, the worry that South Korea would have an economic burden from dissenting North Koreans and general questions about Kim Jong Il’s son Kim Jong Um, Sacha Baron Cohen still managed to get press. The Gingrinch reference played into the publicity around the Republican Primaries and gave the message more reach. It also made me hope this movie would have a more intelligent edge than the last.

Now fast forward to the Oscars. In fear of Cohen coming in character to promote 'The Dictator' the Academy took his tickets away which only gave Cohen the PR bump he needed when he released this video:

It has approx. 444,000 views on Youtube and it was replayed on E! News and TMZ to name a few. Then with his tickets returned Cohen did this on the red carpet:
Ryan Seacrest was the perfect choice because who didn’t want to see Seacrest taken down a notch. Out of all the people interviewing on the red carpet, Seacrest has the biggest profile.  From being on American Idol, hosting a show on Virgin radio and dating Julianne Houghes everyone knows Seacrest. Plus E! News is shameless about self promotion (as seen by their excessive spots on how to get the latest Kardashian look) not only will this be all over their channel today but they will likely use it in their award season promo next year.   

Sidenote: Love the John Galliano reference. Cause who else would a fascist evil dictator wear but a noted anti-Semitist fashion designer who has professed his love of Hitler?

Just type in Sacha Baron Cohen into Google and see how much earned media he got. All this promotion and he didn’t have to pay a dime.

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