Saturday, 25 February 2012

Beyond Excited! Sliced Bread, What?

It has finally happened: The Real Housewives of Vancouver! I am beyond obsessed with RH craze, because less face it Jersey Shore maybe on par in the train wreck and drama department (though not this season) but some of these ladies also know how to dress. 

I could watch the RHOBH (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) just for the fashion alone. Than you throw in the Chip and Dale dancers, the affairs of Eddie Cibrian and Kelsey Grammer, the “million dollar” wedding and the insanity that is Kim Richards and you have me watch five hours straight.  

I mean without the Real Housewives craze I would never imagined threatening to flip a table when enraged. And now I know throwing drinks in people’s faces is socially acceptable. These series have really done a lot of good for the world.

Slice is still teasing us with who will be the RH of Vancouver as seen by the trailer below and their Facebook picture that is slowly filling in to reveal the identity of the cast.

 The Vancouver Sun has posted their thoughts on who the cast is likely to be. See quoted word for word below:

Jacqui Cohen

Divorced rich single mom. Third-generation business owner. Gives great shoes and fund-raising parties. Is a pistol. Smart, opinionated, so well-connected that Tom Jones is on speed dial. Has posh place on the water.

Dorothy Grant

Fashion designer. Gorgeous looks, dynamite contemporary/historic wardrobe. Haida of the Raven clan of the Brown Bear house of Howkan. Family crests are Berry Picker in the Moon and Two-Finned Killer Whale. Will blow them away with a button blanket (see picture).

Wendy McDonald

No-nonsense doyenne. Vancouver version of New Jersey Caroline. Bearing and machinery magnate. Glass ceiling shatterer. Three-time widow. Mom of 10.

Jamie Lee Hamilton

First transgender political candidate in Canada. Downtown Eastside and aboriginal advocate. Former cannery worker. Former prostitute. Former madam. Former man.

Grace McCarthy

Retired florist. Matriarch of Social Credit party. Perpetrator of Gracie’s Finger. Bridge illuminator. Officer of the Order of Canada. Rapid transit pusher. Great hair.

And there are more, so many more. Pamela Martin. Christy Clark. Libby Davies. Diane Farris. Dianne Watts. The Cupcake Girls.

Whoever it is I hope they do me proud and behave as poorly as legally possible.

You may be wondering what this has to do with marketing. The answer is this: The Real Housewives series has created brands for all these women, some more flattering than others, that have lead to: acting, Celebrity Apprentice stints, purse lines, makeup lines, clothing lines, a line of sex toys, cook books, parenting/relationship books, books on spousal abuse, increased business to their existing stores and a shamefully appearance on that E! network show Famous Foods. You can say what you want about all these women but for the most part they are all much wealthier thanks to the show.

It hurts but these women and the casts of Teen Mom (2), Jersey Shore, The Hills and, obviously, Keeping Up with The Kardashians are so wealthy. Is anyone else hurt Snooki is a millionaire?

No? What about that awful Amber Portwood of Teen Mom making $250,000.00 a year? It makes you ponder the point of an education.  

Okay maybe I just posted this cause I love RH...


  1. I've never watched a single season of RH...maybe I'll start just because this one is in Canada....

  2. I hear they are casting a Toronto one too. I can see that being more interesting. I will def. let you know if it is worth your time. I recommend RH of Orange County, Beverly Hills, Atlanta and New Jersey...The others I'm not a huge fan of.