Wednesday, 22 February 2012

What the world really needs:

Yes, apparently this beer cooler actually exists...

Cerveza Norte a South American beer company has created this innovative new beer cooler back in November 2011. Or so I read as I have never been clubbing in South America.  I certainly think this is an innovative way to get people to try your beer. 
Beer drinkers are apparently rather monogamous in their beer selection and tend to stick to one brand. Typically beer companies have scantily dressed woman handing out beer samples in clubs to encourage people trying their beer. But this is something entirely new.

Even people who aren’t concerned about their “privacy” (aka their desire to get away with nefarious behavior) would be tempted to buy this beer to see if the cooler actually works. I know there are some unflattering pictures of me that I wish never happened. As long as the cooler was collected by the bar at the end of the night and reused I see this having a relatively low cost to the company—the commercial creation and media buy excluded.

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  1. Hahaha I loved the commercials...your does make me want to buy one just to see if it actually works and I'm not typically a beer drinker