Sunday, 19 February 2012

Zombies have to wash clothes too!

Now I have heard of tailoring your commercial to your demographic and to a certain extent to the interest of the channel. That is why you will see more online investing tools on the business channel than you thought humanly possible.

Certainly, Good Year and Chrysler made their commercial’s tailored to the Super Bowl. Good Year talked about using their tire technology to make a football and the amazing gripping power. I lost them on how it related back to the tire though. Chrysler had Clint Eastwood say “This is halftime.” during the first halftime commercial of the Super Bowl. But these are multi-million dollar commercials.

Yet Woolite has made an amazing commercial that I have only seen on the Space channel. The t.v. channel that plays shows like True Blood, Being Human and many horror movies. This commercial was so in line with the Space channel’s programming it caused me to pause. Check it out:

  In the same line of thought, while Clara Hughes was the face of Bell Let’s Talk Day (except in Quebec) on MTV and the E! network it was Demi Lovato talking about her mental health struggles. This celebrity translated better to the viewers of MTV and E! than Clara Hughes.Now this isn’t on the same level of the Woolite commercial but it was certainly interesting to see.

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